Don’t let snoring steal your precious sleep!
Good Niter helps eliminate the main REASON OF SNORING
Reduces the risks of sleep apnoea
Stimulates normal blood pressure
Reduces the risk of complications
Blocks the causes of teeth grinding

ANNUALLY, WHILE SLEEPING, 30 000 people stop breathing
It is a known fact that people with sleep apnoea (when breathing stops momentarily during sleep) might have night-time strokes and heart attacks.
Narrowing and decreasing muscle tone of the airways can lead to inflammation and accumulation of pus in the sinuses.
Possible consequences of snoring:
heart attack
maxillary sinusitis
What is the main reason for snoring?
According to specialists, the main reason for snoring is the loss of nasopharynx tissue elasticity. From the age of 27, this happens to 1 person out of 5.
If, while sleeping, the palate muscles are overly relaxed, the airflow passing through them causes vibration and thus results in unpleasant, loud noise.
The uniqueness of Good Niter is in its formula. It consists of 11 natural ingredients, that helps to eliminate the snoring and make breathing easier, which helps to get calm and deep sleep at night

Efficient from the first night

Tones and stabilizes the tissues of the nasopharynx

Has a pleasant smell and mint taste

Saffron deserves the title “King of plants”. It helps reduce inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth and the nasopharynx, pulling them up and reducing the friction of the airway walls. Thus the snoring intensity significantly decreases or stops completely.
works towards eliminating spasms of the larynx.
Helps to normalize the circulation in the front and upper respiratory tract. Reduces the vibration of the soft palate tissues and the intensity of the oscillations of the uvula, which allows to reduce snoring for the whole night.
Australian eucalyptus
Eucalyptus expands narrow nasal passages to improve air circulation, without over-drying mucous. Allows a smooth and calm breathing throughout the night.
Good Niter
has helped over 50 000 people
How to use Good Niter?
It's really easy!

Shake the bottle and then spray squirt one to three times into the mouth. Do it towards the end of your throat, then swallow.

Breathe free and sleep nice and calm throughout the night. One package provides approximately 170 snore-free nights!

Our customers share their experience with Good Niter
Marriage saver!

by Mercy Otieno
After 14 years of trying every anti snore product and pillow known to man and also a nose operation to try to reduce my husbands snoring, at last a miracle! This product has reduced his snoring by 99% and he now only very occasioanlly has a light snore for a few minutes. For first time I've been able to sleep all night without hitting him or having to roll him over. I never write reviews but in this instance i had to, so if your partner snores seriously give this a go!
This works!

by Brian Mwangi
I snore very loudly, well I did. This stuff is brilliant, I have never heard myself snore but my wife says I do and very loudly, it turns out. I have been checked at the hospital, all parts seems fine. I don't know if it will work for everybody but it does for me.
I find this easy to use

by David Odhimbo
This works well, I find the product easy to use, the taste is quite nice with a mint flavour and moreover, it completely stops from snoring although obviously the result will depend on the type of condition you have. And it really is easy to use!
It helps

by Emmanuel Ali
In my case no exercises would help I still snored like a steam engine. Sometimes I’d wake up from snoring. I can’t really tell how the spray works, it has a lot of herbal ingredients in it, but it really helped me and my family sleep soundly virtually even on the first night of use. Snoring has stopped. I recommend Good Niter to everyone!
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