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Does snoring steal your precious sleep?
The only product that eliminates the main REASON OF SNORING in 10 days
Stops sleep apnoea
Prevents increase in blood pressure
Reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications
Stops teeth grinding
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ANNUALLY, WHILE SLEEPING, 30 000 people stop breathing
It is a known fact that people with sleep apnoea (when breathing stops momentarily during sleep) often have night-time strokes and heart attacks. A sudden death while sleeping is likely to occur.
Narrowing and decreasing muscle tone of the airways can lead to inflammation and accumulation of pus in the sinuses.
Possible consequences of snoring:
heart attack
maxillary sinusitis
What is the main reason for snoring?
According to doctors, the main reason for snoring is the loss of nasopharynx tissue elasticity. From the age of 27, this happens to 1 person out of 5.
If, while sleeping, the palate muscles are overly relaxed, the airflow passing through them causes vibration and thus results in unpleasant, loud noise.
The uniqueness of the preparation Good Niter - its formula made of 11 healing ingredients allows get rid of the main reason for snoring i.e. the loss of elasticity of the muscular tissues of the soft palate

Efficient from the first night

Tones and stabilizes the tissues of the nasopharynx

Has a pleasant smell and mint taste

1 gram of saffron costs more than 1 gram of gold.
Saffron deserves the title of king of medicinal plants. It helps reduce inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth and the nasopharynx, pulling them up and reducing the friction of the airway walls. Thus the snoring intensity significantly decreases or stops completely
eliminates spasms of the larynx.
Normalizes the circulation in the front and upper respiratory tract. Reduces the vibration of the soft palate tissues and the intensity of the oscillations of the uvula, which allows to forget about snoring for the whole night.
Australian eucalyptus
Eucalyptus expands narrow nasal passages to improve air circulation, without over-drying mucous. Allows a smooth and calm breathing throughout the night.
Good Niter
The only alternative to surgery
The best doctors
are your loved ones
375 women
115 men
Clinical trials involved 375 women и 115 men aged 30 -78. They were brought to the clinic by their wives, husbands and children.
Based on the results of the protocol, 97% got rid of snoring
stopped snoring loudly
stoped having symptoms of sleep apnoea
had their blood pressure normalized
showed improvement in cardiovascular system
Experts are shocked: THIS IS THE BREAKTHROUGH!
Most people have to deal with snoring. It's great to have the anti-snoring remedy Good Niter, that helps people treat themselves, without the specialist assistance or a surgery.

Good Niter effectively helps to solve the sleep problem, it’s available to everyone. Its composition is completely natural and safe, while being a very effective. That's why it’s trusted not only by ordinary people, but also by doctors.

Before going to bed, spray it once into your mouth and sleep peacefully all night
Anna Abermann.
Medical doctor.
Functional diagnostics specialist
Member of the International Association of Sleep Medicine
Customers about Good Niter
How I got rid of snoring, being a snorer for 20 years
Posted on 18.01.17
by Malcolm
I have almost 20 years of experience in fighting snoring (which I eventually defeated). I must say that success depends on the cause. If the person is overweight - then lose weight. If he’s a smoker - you know what to do. If the problem is muscle tone, exercises help, as well as products increasing the elasticity of the nasopharynx muscles.
There are also severe cases, when people don’t just snore, but when during the sleep they stop breathing. The throat just collapses! Due to the fact that at night such people stop breathing normally, all their organs lack oxygen. Heart, pancreas, brain – they all suffer.
I had this kind of snoring. And the best decision in this case is to see a doctor. I could get rid of snoring and all the consequences following the recommendation to use Good Niter before going to bed. The effect was obvious from the first night. Understandably, a week isn’t enough to permanently get rid of snoring, but at least you fall asleep to rest, and not to suffer all night. I recommend!
I almost killed my husband! I am glad I found Good Niter in time:)
Posted on 18.01.17
by Sasha
I kept pushing my husband when he snored. He was getting angry; I was even more so. After I left our bed to finish my nights in a spare room, he asked to have a look online to find something effective. I wrote down for him on a piece of paper virtually the same advice, exercises and folk remedies. He suffered for a month, chewing garlic with some kind of weed. All useless:(. Then I found a forum of women who suffer from the bad habits of their partners.) Snoring is a very popular topic:))) Good Niter had the most positive comments. I ordered it online on the official website. The package came super fast! My husband liked the remedy, and I just fell in love with it from the very first. The situation with my snoring husband improved very much after a couple of days, and after 1-1.5 weeks he stopped snoring altogether. I am thrilled! We get enough sleep both of us and in the morning we are full of energy)
Dedicated to snorers!!!
Posted on 18.01.17
by Lucy
When we had a baby the problem of snoring became even worse! Our young 1.6 year old child doesn’t sleep well, add to it the
I had enough and decided to see whether there was anything available for this serious problem! The chemist suggested me a remedy for snoring, the spray "Good Niter"!!!
- I asked him whether it really helps.
- His answer was not clear, "I don’t know, but people buy it, try"!!!
I bought to try! You never know! The price was reasonable!
I didn’t expect a miracle, but for the first night after the use of the spray the house was quiet! The spray works every second time! But even if my husband snores, his snoring is much quieter than before and I am very happy about that!
It helps
Posted on 18.01.17
by Paul
In my case no exercises would help I still snored like a steam engine. Sometimes I’d wake up from snoring. I was scared to see a surgeon, therefore I could get rid of the problem of the whole family without surgical procedure. Of course, I hardly believed in the power of the spray. But my doubts were groundless. I can’t really tell how the spray works, it has a lot of herbal ingredients in it, but it short, this is what it does: the oils clear up the sinuses, the blood is saturated with oxygen, which leads to the expansion of the airways and the disappearance of snoring. My family slept soundly virtually on the first night of use. Snoring has stopped. I recommend Good Niter to everyone. Have a deep and sound sleep!
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Does snoring steal your precious sleep?
The only product that eliminates the main REASON OF SNORING in 10 days
Stops sleep apnoea
Prevents increase in blood pressure
Reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications
Stops teeth grinding
Sensational offer!
50% discount
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